7 Tips to Writing eCommerce Product Descriptions That Lead to Increased Sales

When it comes to running an eCommerce store, every tiny detail and aspect of your virtual storefront needs to be optimized. And product description isn’t any exception. You might be spending a good amount every month to bring visitors’ traffic to your product page. But unclear or poorly written product descriptions can lead all those efforts in vain. On other hand, well-written product description can help boost sales and increase your web store’s branding. merica gif

Do you want to know how to write a compelling product description that can entice the user and lead them to the sell? Continue reading.

Here are 7 tips to writing effective product descriptions that truly work for your online business.

  • Define your target niche

Before you start writing product descriptions, it is vital to know who you want to buy these products. Understanding target audience will help you define the tone of the description content. Copywriting experts recommend building an idle customer persona to help you write a perfect product description that can convert visitors into potential customers.

  • Highlight the important features/ benefits/applications of your products

Put your feet in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself ‘what’s in store for me’. It should reveal all key features, benefits and/or applications of your product in simple words. Instead of being opinion-oriented about your products, present them the exact specifications of your product.

For example, if you are selling a pure leather sling bag. Instead of saying it’s the most comfortable and durable sling bag. You can support your opinion by specifications such as the straps are built of double layer leather padding with a scope of multiple length adjustments.

Adapt to an easy-on-eyes, clutter-free format, so visitors to your store can quickly scan through product details. And remember, the customers are keen to see how your product can add potential value to their need. Communicate the distinguished characteristics of your products effectively.

  • Ensure Unique Content

Do you want to repeat the same thing others have already posted on their eCommerce sites? Well, that’s a lame thing to do. And this will not help you stand out in this highly competitive world of online businesses. Instead, you ought to be different and original of course. Make sure the descriptions you have on your online store are 100% original and unique.

  • Keep words’ limit

No one has time to read lengthy details these days. You need to keep your product-description short yet informative enough; somewhere between 100-300 words will be sufficient.

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