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Emerson Electric Co. established in 1890 by Civil War Union Veteran John Wesley Emerson as Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co. has got the distinction of being able to touch every aspect of life for more than a century. The Motors & Controls business of Emerson has been recently acquired by Nidec Corporation on October 1, 2010. Since its formation the firm has been manufacturing electric motors by using a patent that was previously owned by Scottish-born brothers Charles and Alexander Meston. The company is renowned in the United States for being the pioneers in selling electric fans as early as 1892. With lots of innovation and dedication it quickly expanded its product line by introducing light to heavy machines like sewing machines, power tools and electric dental drills.

It has been over 100 years since its formation, Emerson has broken the shackles of being a stereo type in manufacturing of electrical motors and controls, but has emerges as a global leader in the design and manufacture of these products. They are considered as a reputed company that is known for its high quality, durability and reliability. They have got the distinction of providing a complete line of Emerson electric motors ranging from general to the highly advanced ones meant for special purposes. These products are available in the range of 1/200 through 5,000 horsepower.

The most important feature about their motors is it can easily be used for supporting wide ranging applications from commercial and industrial to HVAC to pump and automotive as well. The popularity and extensive usage of their product line can easily be gauged from the fact that four out of five appliances of White Goods in North America are performing their respective tasks with the help of an Emerson motor. They have also got the distinction of being the North American leader in heating and air conditioning motors.

The products manufactured by this brand are generally preferred by customers and its end users as they are made from the best-in-class appliance technology and are highly reliable. The high-end appliance market has tremendously been benefitted by their state-of-the-art products. The research and development team working for Emerson electric motors has always kept an eye on the latest advances that has taken place in the technology and on the basis of it designed and manufactures products that are more sophisticated and as per the requirements of their consumers. may hut chan khong thuc pham

Emerson electric motors are renowned throughout the world for being technologically more advanced than the best in the market, are reliable to use and provide energy-efficient solutions for the appliance manufacturers as well as the end-user consumers. You will find all sorts of models used in wide variety of applications from those motors that make the washing machines spin by using electronically controlled variable-speed to the state-of-the-art InSinkErator® brand food waste disposers. By using the end products and household electrical appliances that are powered by their motors, consumers are sure to get the latest products that are technologically advanced, will perform in any trying conditions, can easily perform wide variety of functions and will definitely be energy-efficient in every day usage.


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