Dating Tips – A Mistake Most Guys Do When Dating Girls

Avoid this mistake when dating girls and you will be incredibly attractive. Apply these dating tips to make girls crave you and want you. Don’t forget that all men are wired to do these mistakes, so pay great attention to them. These mistakes are wired in all of us.

Most guys know about them, yet they will find huge difficulties to get over them. It’s because they have been programed in us for a very long time, thanks to TV and magazines. You have to get away from these mistakes to have success dating girls. You may have wondered in the past why you didn’t have any luck with girls, these might be the true cause. กลุมลับ

· Dating tips number one: the first mistake you do with a girl is wanting her to be the man.

Don’t try to negate and deny this, most guys will do it with girls. A guy will date a girl and will do everything possible to give her the permission to be the man in the relationship.

He will let her choose.
He will let her lead him.
He will ask her for opinions about him.
He will try to be with her all the time.
He will be nice and kind with her.

All these are a kind of assuming the feminine role. By doing this, she becomes the guy and you become the girl. Your mission as a man is to be the man. However, most guys will think that by being a man I mean the aggressive, savage type. No. What I’m suggesting is you should stay a nice guy, but there are some things which you should be strong and decisive about. One of them is leading the girl and assuming your natural role.

Instead of asking her for a place to go to, choose the place and head to it, she will follow you instantly. Some girls will like this decisiveness about you and will want to see whether it’s true or not, so they will test you with a question like this:

“Let’s go to this place instead”

This is a test most women will throw at you to check your decisive abilities. If you said “yeah, let’s go there”, she will hate you for the rest of her life. If you said something like “if you pay, I’ll go with you”, she will shut up and let you assume your role.

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